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The Realm of Liina

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Technical Information
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In the realm of Liina there are two methods of fighting.  On this page I will describe them both in detail.  Their names are T1 and T2.

T2 Rules and Examples

T2 is a technique that is mostly based on speed ( wpm and such ) the faster you can type the better you will be at using this technique once you are familiar with the rules.

There are five aspects of T2.  Attack, Dodge, Connect, Counter, and Intro.  They all have certain rules that must be followed or the entire post is voided ( made illegal and to where it doesn't count ) I will describe them all now
All attacks must be atleast seven words long.  That is a requirment not a limit...your attack may be as long as you'd like it to be it just must be atleast seven words long.  Attacks must also not be auto'd.  An auto is an attack that states the attack has connected in the attack.  ( e.g. *hits Bob quickly with his staff before he has time to react* ) If an attack is auto'd then it will be voided.  Another rule for attacks are that they must not contain the words "and" or "but" unless they are after the required amount.  For instance, an attack requires seven words...if "and" is the fourth word in the attack then it will be voided.  If it is the eighth words in the attack then it is legal.  Also, any attack that uses energy or throws something or is with a weapon requires an intro.
An intro follows the same rules as an attack and describes the method of preparing for an attack.  The intro is seperate from the attack  meaning an intro cannot be in the same post as an attack.
All dodges must contain atleast seven words and not contain the words "and" or "but" unless it is after the seventh word.  The purpose of a dodge is to avoid an attack.
A connect must be atleast ten words long and not contain the words "and" or "but" unless they are after the tenth word.  The purpose of a connect is to make the attack hit the opponent.  After an attack is launched the attacker will either launch a connect, or the attackee will launch a dodge.  Whichever is posted first is what will take effect.
A counter must contain atleast twelve words and not contain the words "and" or "but" unless they are after the twelfth word.  The purpose of a counter is that after a person is attacked if the person being attacked is fast enough they can launch a counter which instead of dodging the attack, will turn the tables and sort of mold two things into one.  When a counter is performed correctly it in essence is a dodge then an attack combined.

An example battle using all aspects of T2
( Someone ) *quickly grabs the axe held as his side before bringing it around to his front and glaring at Bob*
( Someone ) *yells loudly as he runs towards Bob swinging his axe around trying to hit Bob with it*
( Bob ) *opens his eyes a little wider as he jumps back to avoid Someone's swinging axe*
( Bob ) *quickly jumps forward towards Someone sending his knee up in an effort to knee him*
( Someone ) *moves to the side so Bob's knee attack will miss as he swings his axe around towards Bob's middle*
( Someone ) *hits Bob with the blunt side of his axe squarely in his chest and stands there with a smug look on his face watching Bob fall and lay on the ground trying to catch his breath*

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